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Beyond Alphabet Soup: 5 Guidelines For Data Sharing

Beyond Alphabet Soup: 5 Guidelines For Data Sharing is an excellent post by Markets for Good and Palantir Technologies. Below are the 5 Guidelines.

  1. Release structured raw data others can use
  2. Make your data machine-readable
  3. Make your data human-readable
  4. Use an open-data format
  5. Release responsibly and plan ahead

See the full blog post with detailed descriptions here: Beyond Alphabet Soup: 5 Guidelines For Data Sharing

Heroku Thinks Sharing Data is Important

Last week,  Heroku announced a new feature to its PostgreSQL database service.  The new feature is called Data Clip, and it allows users to share results of an SQL query.  It has options to store the exact data from when the query was originally run or the query can be refreshed to return the current data.  I can definitely see this being useful for debugging of code and troubleshooting, which may have been Heroku’s original intent.

I can also see the Data Clip being very useful for data science and quick sharing of relevant data. I doubt the Data clip can handle huge result sets, but huge data is not always necessary. Sometimes, being able to quickly share data results is just as important. Plus the Data Clip allows the results to be downloaded into Excel, csv, json, or yaml formats. Therefore the data can be easily manipulated from there.

See an example in action.