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Scientific Data: A new publisher of Data

Nature.com is starting a new publication titled, Scientific Data. The goal is to help researchers publish and discover data. The publication content is called a Data Descriptor. It describes the data, explains the data collection methods, lists the columns, and states other essential information about the dataset.

Unfortunately, the site does not host any of the data. I think it will be interesting to watch how a site like this develops. The publication is currently accepting submissions.

Open Data 500

Are you involved with a business that uses open government data? If so, please register to become a part of Open Data 500 to make the list of 500 companies benefiting from open government data.

The Open Data 500 list is being compiled by The Governance Lab at New York University. The goal of the list is to identify how government data is being used in business and if the data can be used for innovation. So if you are involved or know a business using open government data, please register them for Open Data 500.

Beyond Alphabet Soup: 5 Guidelines For Data Sharing

Beyond Alphabet Soup: 5 Guidelines For Data Sharing is an excellent post by Markets for Good and Palantir Technologies. Below are the 5 Guidelines.

  1. Release structured raw data others can use
  2. Make your data machine-readable
  3. Make your data human-readable
  4. Use an open-data format
  5. Release responsibly and plan ahead

See the full blog post with detailed descriptions here: Beyond Alphabet Soup: 5 Guidelines For Data Sharing

Tornado Path Visualization

Here is a data visualization of the paths of tornadoes in the US over the past 56 years. The brighter the blue, the more intense the tornado. This is also an excellent example of using opendata. The raw data is available at data.gov.

Please continue to pray for the people in Moore, Oklahoma. If you feel moved to help, The Red Cross and Convoy of Hope are two organizations working in the area.