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Learn some Deep Learning in 2015

Here are some great resources to kickstart your deep learning.

Data Science 201 is now Listudy

The site is live at http://www.listudy.com

The internet is filled with wonderful tutorials, blog posts, courses, and articles about learning data science. Listudy aims to be a place to organize and reference those learning resources. The site is in the very early stages, so please be patient and stay tuned for future updates. Also, follow along on twitter @listudy or facebook.com/listudycom.

Right now, Listudy is a large collection of data science links that can be filtered and sorted by tags.

Note: The idea for Data Science 201/Listudy nearly died, but I have been persuaded to launch what I have and see if people find it useful. Please leave a comment or shoot me an email ( ryan at listudy.com) if you have some feedback or find the site useful.