Deep Learning in Java

Deep Learning is the hottest topic in all of data science right now. Adam Gibson, cofounder of, has created an open source deep learning library for Java named DeepLearning4j. For those curious, DeepLearning4j is open sourced on github. Below is a video of Adam introducing deep learning and DeepLearning4j. Also, if you are interested … Continue reading Deep Learning in Java

5 Free Programming Languages for Data Science

R There is a package for nearly any algorithm you will ever need. That is where R really excels. It is widely used and has a strong community. The only slight downfall (in my opinion) is the cumbersome syntax. Python A very good language for beginning programmers. The syntax is quite readable and intuitive. With … Continue reading 5 Free Programming Languages for Data Science

Java and MongoDB Webinars

10gen, the company behind MongoDB, will be offering some free webinars this fall. This webinar series is targeted at using MongoDB with Java. 10gen has been running successful webinars for a long time, so I would high recommend any/all of the following sessions. TitleDate Building your first Java Application with MongoDB Oct. 18, 2012 and … Continue reading Java and MongoDB Webinars

Neo4j and Bioinformatics Webinar

Neo Technology, the company behind the graph database Neo4j, is hosting a webinar on Thursday. Pablo Pareja from the Bio4j project will provide an overview of bioinformatics and neo4j, as well as some applications. Bioinformatics can be viewed as data science for biology. Bioinformatics was cool before data science was even a term. If you … Continue reading Neo4j and Bioinformatics Webinar