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Gamification Data Science Video

I thought this was a fun little video about gamification and data science, plus my 2 year-old was mesmerized by the video. It is worth 3 minutes to watch.


Gamification, Education, and BigData

This is a nice infographic about gamification in education. I am curious to watch how gamification plays a role in the online education scene at places like Udacity and Coursera. I think gamification is going to lead to many new and interesting problems in bigdata.

Gamification of Education

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

Two Relevant Coursera Courses Starting Today

  • Web Intelligence and Big Data – Artificial Intelligence, NoSQL, map-reduce!! Oh My! I think this course will have some really good information.
  • Gamification – From the first glance, this course may not directly relate to data science. However, gamification can lead to better user engagement which can lead to tons more data for prediction. I am interested in this course for exploring the connection between gamification and data science.

Happy Studying!