Kaggle Learn Micro-courses

The competition site Kaggle has recently released some micro-courses aimed at helping people to quickly learn the skills of data science. It is called Kaggle Learn, Faster Data Science Education. It includes courses on: PythonDeep LearningSQLand more Check them out to quickly get up to speed. Happy Learning.

Statistics.com Educational Programs

Statistics.com is an online institute for statistics education. They offer a variety of courses related to statistics and data science. Data Analytics Courses at Statistics.com Certificate Programs in both Data Analytics and Using R I have not personally taken any courses from statistics.com, but I have heard good things about the programs and courses.

Top 5 MOOCs for Data Science

CourseOrganizationNotes Machine LearningCoursera (Standford)One of the first MOOCs Intro to Data ScienceCoursera (U of Washington)Starts in April 2013 Intro to Statistics Making Decisions Based on DataUdacity Enroll anytime Introduction to Infographics and Data VisualizationKnight Center @ U of TexasStarts January 12, 2013 Learning From DataCalTechStarts Jan 8, 2013

Two Relevant Coursera Courses Starting Today

Web Intelligence and Big Data - Artificial Intelligence, NoSQL, map-reduce!! Oh My! I think this course will have some really good information. Gamification - From the first glance, this course may not directly relate to data science. However, gamification can lead to better user engagement which can lead to tons more data for prediction. I … Continue reading Two Relevant Coursera Courses Starting Today

List of Free Courses Online

Having trouble keeping track of what schools offer what courses for free online? Problem solved! Class Central maintains a updated list of courses from Coursera(Stanford), Udacity, MITx, and others as they become available. Not all of the courses are related to data science, but I still thought it was valuable to share the link. Check … Continue reading List of Free Courses Online