As of November 2019, Data Science 101 is going to build a more community focus. Data Science 101 is now looking for posts from the community. Community Posts are posts written by individuals from the data science community. Sponsored Posts are written by businesses and organizations. Community Posts will be shared on Wednesdays and Sponsored Posts will be shared on Thursdays.

Community Post

Have you created an excellent tutorial or an open source project? Do you like to write and want to share your knowledge? That is great. When available, Wednesday will be community post day.

Topics are open to what the community writes, but here are some ideas:

  • Product X vs Product Y for image classification
  • X ways to identify outliers
  • Algorithms for hyper-parameter optimization
  • How to deal with missing data
  • Reusable code for starting a data science project (R or python)
  • anything else you feel is helpful to others

If you have a post you would like to share, send me a message and I will get back to you.
A community post will consist of the following:

  • The blog post (or a link to the post in google docs). Try to keep it under 1000 words, can be as short as 50 – 100 words
  • (Optional) Up to 2 supporting images
  • (Optional) a header image with a width of 570px and a height of 380px
  • Brief (2-3 sentences) author bio with picture and link to homepage.

Sponsored Post

Data Science 101 will also be running sponsored posts. These are posts written by businesses or organizations. These post must be beneficial to the larger data science community. Below are the types of sponsored content.

  • Building a data team at XYZ Company
  • Cleaning your data with Product ABC
  • Managing your data science workflow
  • or anything else helpful to the data science community

What you get with a Sponsored Post

  • It will be viewed hundreds of times (maybe thousands of times if it resonates well)
  • It will remain a featured post at the top of the blog for a week
  • It will stay on the blog forever
  • Do follow links in your post

What does a Sponsored Post consist of?

  • The blog post (very easy to be shared as a Google doc).
  • (Optional) Up to 4 supporting images
  • (Optional) a header image with a width of 570px and a height of 380px
  • Brief (2-3 sentences) business or author bio with logo and link to homepage.

What does a Sponsored Post cost?

Each sponsored post costs $200.

If you are interested, please send me a message to schedule a day.