Data Science for Social Good, Summer 2020, Applications are Open

The Data Science for Social Good Summer Fellowship, now hosted at Carnegie Mellon University, is accepting applications. This is a 12-week program to train data scientists about working on projects which positively impact society. There are a number of roles available. FellowsMentorsProject Managers Most applications are due January 31, 2020. They are also still accepting … Continue reading Data Science for Social Good, Summer 2020, Applications are Open

Machine Learning Algorithm Cheatsheet

The fine folks at Microsoft have put together an excellent Single Page Cheatsheet for Azure Machine Learning Algorithms. It is very helpful for Azure, but it is also helpful for understanding when and why to use a particular algorithm. Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning Algorithm Cheat Sheet Start in the large blue box, "What do you … Continue reading Machine Learning Algorithm Cheatsheet

Kaggle Learn Micro-courses

The competition site Kaggle has recently released some micro-courses aimed at helping people to quickly learn the skills of data science. It is called Kaggle Learn, Faster Data Science Education. It includes courses on: PythonDeep LearningSQLand more Check them out to quickly get up to speed. Happy Learning.

Help for Academic Programs in Data Science

Brandon Rohrer (along with others) created an excellent resource for academic programs, Industry recommendations for academic data science programs. The resource is authored by a number of industry data scientists and university faculty. It is collection of useful information for college data science programs. Here are some of the topics: What do Industry data scientists do?What makes … Continue reading Help for Academic Programs in Data Science