Analytics vs Data Science

The lines between analytics and data science can definitely be very blurry. Different companies might call the same position by two different names, but at their core, they do have some differences.
Below is an infographic from the faculty of the Online MS in Analytics at American University. I think the infographic is accurate.

In my opinion, a true data scientist should spend more time creating and programming new algorithms while a business analyst should spend more time applying existing algorithms.

A couple of notes
  1. Years of Education are not much different, but the academic disciplines are very different. Data Scientists tend to have degrees with more rigorous mathematical training. For me, this is the biggest differentiator.
  2. It appears financial institutions prefer business analysts while the government and colleges prefers data scientists
  3. Surprisingly, Business analyst jobs are projected to grow faster than data scientists (27% to 15%), not sure I totally agree with that!

Know Of Other Differences?

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6 Comments on “Analytics vs Data Science”

  1. How about the compensation levels? My impression has been that an analyst generally earns much less than a data scientist.

    1. Not necessarily true. In some cases, there are Business Analysts that are compensated just as high as Data Scientists. The same is true for Data Analysts.

      1. In some cases, yes, but I think on average data scientists are compensated higher. See this post from Dezyre,

        “As of 2016, entry level salary for a data analyst ranges from $50,000 to $75,000 and for experienced data analysts it is between $65,000 to %110,000.

        The median salary for data scientists is $113,436. Average Data scientist salary in US or Canada is $122K while data science managers leading the data science team at an organization earn an average of $176K.”

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