Data Science College Programs Across the Globe [Interactive Map]

Continuing this weeks theme on data science colleges, the nice folks at created an interactive map of the Data Science University Programs across the globe. Click the map to view the interactive visualization.

Where are the Programs?

Global Map of Data Science Colleges
Map indicating the location of all the data science college programs

Based upon the visualization, it is easy to see most of the programs are in the United States and Western Europe.

What About Degree Types

Data Science Breakdown by Degree Type
Data Science Breakdown by Degree Type

The data can also easily be broken down by degree type and how the degree is delivered (online/on-campus).

What is

To state it simply, is a place to very easily store and visualize data. It looks pretty awesome.

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  1. Thank you for creating this resource. BTW, as of Fall 2015, University of Dallas (NOT UTD) , Irving, TX will also offer a MS in Business Analytics program in the College of Business.

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