8 Easy Steps to Becoming a Data Scientist

OK, the steps are not that easy. They are all doable, and most of the steps are free or very low-cost. They will just take some time.

Thanks to the fine folks at DataCamp, creator of online data science courses, for the infographic.

Become a data scientist in 8 easy steps
Source: blog.datacamp.com


3 Questions When Choosing a Data Science Program

I was honored to write a guest blog post for Master’s in Data Science. The site contains a very detailed list of graduate programs in data science. The post I authored is title:

3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Data Science Program

Not to ruin the post, but the 3 questions are:

  1. What is my Background?
  2. What are my goals?
  3. Does location matter?

Head on over to Master’s in Data Science to see all the details about why those are 3 important questions.