Strata/Hadoop World 2014 Live Stream Starting Soon

Strata + Hadoop World 2014 is currently going on in New York City this week. Some of the keynotes will be live streamed this morning. The live streaming starts at 8:45 Eastern Standard Time. Also, keynotes will be live streamed tomorrow (Oct. 17, 2014) as well.

The keynotes are always great, and the line-up this year includes speakers from Cloudera, Pinterest, Platfora, Intel and others. So, if you did not make it to NYC, the live stream is the next best thing.

Enjoy the keynotes!

Data Science Bootcamps

The list of Data Science Bootcamps is now live at

The list currently contains 11 programs. The programs range from full-time 12 week programs to part-time online training.

Data Science is one field that has definitely adopted the newer, innovative forms of learning. MOOCs are full of data science related courses and the List of Data Science Bootcamps definitely shows the variety of new techniques being used. For example, Zipfian Academy uses a 12-week immersive program to train students and work on projects together. Insight, Persontyle, and The Data Incubator focus on filling in the gaps of recent PhDs, and other programs such as and Leada are focusing on online programs. Leada will be an interesting program to watch in the coming months and years. The program is definitely different and could be a game-changer if it continues to grow.

Go see the full list of Data Science Bootcamps.

As always, if you know of another program that is not on the list, feel free to leave a comment.

What is a Data Hackathon like?

Here is a video of the final presentations of a data hackathon. You can watch the pitches, questions, and winners. If you are considering attending a data hackathon, this video should give you a good idea of what to expect at the end of a hackathon.

This video comes from the Critical Data Marathon held in London and Boston during September. This specific data hackathon focuses on health and medical data. I hope to post next time Critical Data schedules a hackathon.

Have you attended a data hackathon? What was it like?

Data Scientist’s Guide to Startups – Round Table Discussion

This discussion was held at the KDD 2013 Conference in Chicago. The title says it all. Here is the full discussion.

A Data Scientist’s Guide to Start-Ups

The following people were involved in the discussion.