Insight Data Engineering – A Free Tuition Training Program

The creators is the Insight Data Science Fellows Program have done it again. This time they have created the Insight Data Engineering Program. The program aims to training highly specialized software engineers that can build big data systems and big data pipelines. Unlike the data science program, the data engineering program does not target people with PhDs. Please visit the Insight Data Engineering website for a white paper with all the details on the program.

Here is an official announcement:

The Insight Data Engineering Fellows Program is a professional training fellowship designed to help engineers from various backgrounds, as well as mathematicians, and computer scientists, transition to careers in data engineering. – Tuition free, 6 week, full-time, data engineering training fellowship in Silicon Valley this summer. – Alumni network of 70 Insight Fellows who are now data scientists and data engineers at Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, Square, Netflix, Airbnb, Palantir, Jawbone and many others. – Interview at top technology companies hiring data engineers at the end of the fellowship. For more information please visit:

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  1. I have apllied for the data engineering program in Nov 2014 but did not get any notification for this . Can you please tell me where they announce the result of sucessful candidates ? I visited the site and put request for notification but all in vein .

    1. I am sorry to hear that. You may want to reach out to them on twitter or via the “contact us” link on the website. I am not sure they officially announce the successful candidates.


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