US Government Open Data Initiative

The United States White House has developed Project Open Data to encourage government agencies to share and produce opendata.
According the Project:

The White House developed Project Open Data – this collection of code, tools, and case studies – to help agencies adopt the Open Data Policy and unlock the potential of government data.

Here are some other materials in the Project.

  • Standards
  • Open Data Licenses
  • Tools
  • Data Formats
  • Case Studies
  • Other Resources

Best of all, the entire project is available on GitHub and contributions are welcomed.

I would love to see other organizations start to do similar things. Some organizations, such as Rackspace, have created support around open source coding projects. However, I am unaware of organizations doing things to standardize and encourage the sharing of opendata.

Does any know of any organizations working to create policies for releasing opendata?
If so, please leave a comment.

$10M for University of Virginia Data Science

The University of Virginia just announced a $10M endowment to support its new Data Science Institute.

The University of Virginia is in the closing stages of creating a Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) and the eventual goal is to have an undergraduate minor and a Ph.D. program in Data Science. The curriculum for the MSDS contains a nice mix of math, computer science and statistics courses. It even includes coursework in visualization. Also, the program appears to be an entirely new program and not just the renaming of an existing program.

The University of Virginia is definitely taking the correct steps to become a recognized leader in data science education.

Udacity Offers Data Science Certificate Track

Udacity now offers a Data Science Track. It is a series of courses to provide a person with data science skills. The courses are:

  1. Intro to Computer Science
  2. Intro to Statistics
  3. Intro to Data Science
  4. Exploratory Data Analysis
  5. Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce
  6. Data Wrangling with MongoDB

The Introduction to Data Science course just opened.

Note: Udacity offers basic courseware such as lecture videos and auto-graded quizzes for free. In order to obtain a certificate, a fee is required. Along with the fee comes personalized coaching and specialized projects.