Undergraduate Programs in Data Science

While most of the degrees on the list of Colleges with Data Science Degrees are master’s degrees, there are a few schools offering data science as an undergraduate program.

24 thoughts on “Undergraduate Programs in Data Science”

  1. Further afield, in the UK, there’s BSc in Data Science at the University of Warwick:
    Warwick’s course promises to be one of the more mathematical of such offerings, I believe.
    (Declaration of interest: I am Chair of the Department of Statistics at Warwick! We’re really looking forward to the first cohort of Data Science undergraduates here in October 2014.)


    1. The number of undergrad data science programs is limited. I would definitely say a computer science program would be a good program to prepare for a future in data science. Make sure to take some statistics courses as well.



  2. is it necessary to get master degree in Data Science if you already have a BS degree in Data Science? I am actually a undergrad student with Data Science in USF


    1. “Necessary” might be a difficult word. Many data scientists don’t have any data science degree. I do think you will learn more in a Masters program. However, you should be able to get a job with just a bachelors. I think it really depends upon your end goals.

      That said, how is the program and USF?


  3. Hi Ryan,

    Thomas Edison State University (TESU) has partnered with The Institute of Statistics Education at Statistics.com to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Data Science and Analytics that works around the unique needs of working adults. The program can be completed entirely online using a combination of Thomas Edison State University online courses, exams and other credit-earning options and online courses in data science and analytics provided by Statistics.com,




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