Educational Programs is an online institute for statistics education. They offer a variety of courses related to statistics and data science.

I have not personally taken any courses from, but I have heard good things about the programs and courses.

4 thoughts on “ Educational Programs”

  1. I haven’t taken a class from either, but I almost did. I was in the middle of enrolling in there certificate program and everything I tried to do through their site was a hassle. Nothing worked. When I requested forms, I didn’t get them. When I submitted forms, they didn’t get them. I thought to myself that if things are this shaky at this stage, maybe the actual classes will be total pain in the neck. I HATE to sound like I’m bashing, but felt like the info might be helpful to them as we’ll as the community.


    1. Thanks for the comment. I have never taken a course from them either. Did you try to enroll on a separate day because sometimes websites have small glitches during high traffic or upgrades?

      Thanks for the comment,


    2. Hi, Cromastro,

      Sincerely sorry that you had an issue – wished you had picked up the phone (703-522-5410) or shot us an email ( and we would have made things right. I invite you to try again. 🙂


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