Tornado Path Visualization

Here is a data visualization of the paths of tornadoes in the US over the past 56 years. The brighter the blue, the more intense the tornado. This is also an excellent example of using opendata. The raw data is available at

Please continue to pray for the people in Moore, Oklahoma. If you feel moved to help, The Red Cross and Convoy of Hope are two organizations working in the area.

4 thoughts on “Tornado Path Visualization”

  1. John says thanks! I sit next to him at work 🙂 We are a data visualization company based out of Lansing MI. I’m sharing this post on out company FB page


  2. It was very interesting. I wonder if anyone has done anything similar for storms that cause flooding because I think using Big Data to create models to predict flooding could not only save lives but be very lucrative. I was reading in Scientific American that New York could have a chance of 1 out of 2 of a flooding event like Hurricane Sandy by 2080.


    1. Very interesting. I have not read or seen anything about mathematical models for predicting flooding. That does not mean they do not exist. I would agree that a good model could both save lives and earn money. Hopefully someone is working on that. Thanks for the comment.



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