10 thoughts on “Best Free Data Mining Tools

  1. Would like to see more tools written in something else other than Java which has become a concern of late because of security & Oracle. I only use it in virtual machine appliances now.
    Didn’t mention Google Correlate, GGobi, & Tanagra.

    Found this article while preparing for upcoming “Big Data Week Atlanta” at end of April.


    1. I would have to agree with your concerns regarding Java, but I really don’t think it is going away. It has too much enterprise buy in. Good Luck at Big Data Week Atlanta. By the way, what language would you like to see more tools written in (just curious)?



      1. Heavily biased to development under Linux and looking at alternatives to Java. Like Python, Ruby, Scala. Maybe go, Rust, and even Lisp (Clojure/Haskell).


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