Become a data scientist in 12 intense weeks

Want to learn Data Science in 12 weeks? Zipfian Academy is offering just that.

The inaugural class will begin Fall 2013. Also the schedule is five days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., so it is a very intensive program. You must be willing to relocate to San Francisco for the 12 weeks. The cost of the data science program is $14,400, but some scholarships and sponsorships are available.

At first the cost seems high, but when you consider the program will prepare you for a different career in just 12 weeks, it does not sound so bad. I think you are paying for 2 things: the immense amount of information and the condensed format. The information planned to be covered does look very extensive, everything from storing data to cleaning data to machine learning.

I am not aware of another program like this existing. If you are not concerned with getting a “university degree” and would like to learn data science, I think Zipfian Academy looks like a good choice.

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8 Comments on “Become a data scientist in 12 intense weeks”

  1. Has anyone compiled a “roll your own” data science curriculum made of free courses? I don’t mind paying for training, but 14k is a pretty extraordinary amount to pay for 12 weeks of training, no matter how intensive.

  2. There are some interesting “MOOC aggregators” out there like ClassCentral. Yet I’m concerned that I have friends who’ve been unable to find jobs (or transition into another career) after taking courses at Coursera & Udacity.

      1. Yeah, many are attending user group meetings, meetups, conferences, and even big data hackathons to get some exposure. Co-working facilities (like Hypepotamus in Atlanta) are good place to hang out and find opportunities.

      2. Yes, those are all great ways to gain more experience and meet others doing work in the data science field. Living in South Dakota, I don’t have a lot of options for meetups, but I do try to get to the few that do exist. Thank for some good discussion.

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