Data Scientist: Consider the Curriculum

A while back James Kobielus wrote the article, Data Scientist: Consider the Curriculum. It contains one of the best descriptions of a data science curriculum I have seen.  Also the article includes a list of algorithms/modeling techniques that should be known by a data scientist. Below is the list from the article.

  • linear algebra
  • basic statistics
  • linear and logistic regression
  • data mining
  • predictive modeling
  • cluster analysis
  • association rules
  • market basket analysis
  • decision trees
  • time-series analysis
  • forecasting
  • machine learning
  • Bayesian and Monte Carlo Statistics
  • matrix operations
  • sampling
  • text analytics
  • summarization
  • classification
  • primary components analysis
  • experimental design
  • unsupervised learning
  • constrained optimization

The list almost looks overwhelming.
Do you think anything is missing from the list?

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9 Comments on “Data Scientist: Consider the Curriculum”

  1. Nice post !

    I’m not entirely familiar with everything written in this post, but I have a feeling that some of the topics are parts of other topics in the list.

    e.g. Shouldn’t “Unsupervised Learning” be part of “Machine Learning” ? Maybe the same thing for “Linear and Logistic Learning” which is a part of Statistics/Machine Learning.

    So, I’m wondering, if we group and cluster the topics you’ve listed, what major topics would be in that list that would comprehend all others.

    1. Ahmad,
      That is good point, but I also think it is also beneficial to know the exact topics and not just the broad categories. Anyhow, the list is a good goal to shoot for.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. What strikes me is this curriculum only consists of courses on actual data analysis techniques/methods. Does this imply that a data analyst should not have some domain knowledge? (which is something different from being a domain expert!)

    1. I am not sure if you are talking about my post or the original article. My post does list just the data analysis methods. The original article mentions an “Applications and outcomes” section that briefly covers domain knowledge. However, a lot of domain knowledge is difficult to cover in a classroom curriculum. I do think that domain knowledge is important to a good data scientist.

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