Videos for Learning R

All of the videos from the Computing from Data Analysis Coursera course are available on Youtube. If you are interested in learning R or just need a refresher on some of the topics, these videos could serve as a great resource. Week 1 installing R, data types, reading/writing files Week 2 functions, apply, sapply, other … Continue reading Videos for Learning R

Data Analysis by Data Type

Data analysis is performed in many different fields and on many different types of data. Most fields call it something different. The following list comes straight from Jeff Leek's Data Analysis Coursera class. Name of Data Analysis by Data Type Biostatistics for medical data Data Science for data from web analytics Machine learning for data … Continue reading Data Analysis by Data Type

Data Analysis at Coursera

The Coursera Data Analysis course started yesterday. This course would be an excellent follow-up to the Computing with Data Analysis course. For a bit more about the course, check out this video explaining the content. The course consists of lectures, quizzes, and some data analysis assignments. There is still plenty of time to signup and … Continue reading Data Analysis at Coursera

Data Science: The Paper that Started it All

Although Tobias Mayer may be known as the first data scientist, he did not coin the term data science. According to Wikipedia, the first use of the term data science was in 2001. Data Science: An Action Plan for Expanding the Technical Areas of the Field of Statistics was published in the April 2001 edition … Continue reading Data Science: The Paper that Started it All