1. Hilary Mason Hilary is the Chief Scientist at Bitly. She is a frequent speaker at conferences. She is commonly cited, interviewed and referenced in data science news/blogs/articles.
  2. Cathy O’Neil Cathy is better known to the internet world as mathbabe. She is a blogger (although not strictly about just data science), conference speaker, and soon to be book author.
  3. Carla Gentry Founder of Analytical-Solution.com, Carla is one of the most frequent #datascience tweeters on Twitter. She is known to the twitter world as @data_nerd
  4. Monica Rogati Monica is a Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn. She speaks at conferences, publishes academic papers, tweets, and creates great data products at LinkedIn. She likes data so much, she uses data for parenting.
  5. Rachel Schutt Rachel just recently completed teaching and blogging the Introduction to Data Science course at Columbia University. She is also a Senior Statistician at Google Research. Along with Cathy, she will be a book author.

This post goes along with Top 5 Data Science Guys.

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Data Science Gals

  1. I sit at a computer all day and write code, pull data and run analysis (not hang out in meetings or talk at conference (I decline them left and right), I do – not talk) therefore I have a tendency to tweet a lot instead of getting up and taking breaks – my target market is Marketer not people like me (Data Scientist) – since I write code and apps, it is easy for me to auto-magically give good content not just key word searches, it takes me no time at all so I have plenty of time to do what I make a living at – gleaning insight from messy data :o)


      1. Thanks for the comment. Claudia is probably deserving. I didn’t really specify the criteria I used, but it was mostly based upon visibility, and the 5 on my list are the ones that appear most frequently in the data science information I read.


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