5 Free Programming Languages for Data Science

R There is a package for nearly any algorithm you will ever need. That is where R really excels. It is widely used and has a strong community. The only slight downfall (in my opinion) is the cumbersome syntax. Python A very good language for beginning programmers. The syntax is quite readable and intuitive. With … Continue reading 5 Free Programming Languages for Data Science

Top 5 Data Science Gals

Hilary Mason Hilary is the Chief Scientist at Bitly. She is a frequent speaker at conferences. She is commonly cited, interviewed and referenced in data science news/blogs/articles. Cathy O'Neil Cathy is better known to the internet world as mathbabe. She is a blogger (although not strictly about just data science), conference speaker, and soon to … Continue reading Top 5 Data Science Gals

Top 5 MOOCs for Data Science

CourseOrganizationNotes Machine LearningCoursera (Standford)One of the first MOOCs Intro to Data ScienceCoursera (U of Washington)Starts in April 2013 Intro to Statistics Making Decisions Based on DataUdacity Enroll anytime Introduction to Infographics and Data VisualizationKnight Center @ U of TexasStarts January 12, 2013 Learning From DataCalTechStarts Jan 8, 2013

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Over the past year, I’ve seen a lot of startups, projects and tools that aim to bring fairly advanced analytic capabilities to programmers. Sometimes they do this by enabling simple scripts that result in powerful dashboards or processes, while other times they just deliver the data in an easy-to-consume manner with little work at all on the developer’s part. I think this is a meaningful trend.

In a world of mobile apps and cloud resources, it’s easier than ever to start a business around a simple application. Even in large companies, developers fighting for resources might need to prove an application’s popularity or find a way to boost its monetization. Sometimes, that might even mean injecting some data-processing right into an application.

But whatever the case, if your job revolves around writing code rather than data flows, you might need a little help. Here are 12 tools (listed alphabetically) that…

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Top 5 Places to Get a Data Scientist job

LinkedIn They turn data into products better than anyone else. Facebook If you are the type of person that loves to analyze people's lives, there is no better place. Twitter Duh, It's Twitter. lots of data and lots of possibilities Cloudera Cloudera is a successful Hadoop-based startup. Build tools and explore huge datasets for a … Continue reading Top 5 Places to Get a Data Scientist job

Top 5 Data Startups

Kaggle They make data science a sport, enough said. DataKind DataKind may not technically be a startup because it is a nonprofit, but they are doing cool stuff.  They match nonprofit organizations with people that love to analyze data and create visualizations. Cloudera They call themselves "The Platform for Big Data".  They are working hard … Continue reading Top 5 Data Startups

In 2013, Learn Data Science via Coursera (a curriculum)

Coursera has some excellent courses coming up in 2013. Here are some potential curriculum paths for someone looking to learn data science. Prerequisites Either sequence requires/recommends some basic programming experience. If you are unfamiliar with programming, you still have a couple weeks to get familiar with some basic programming concepts. Some good places to start … Continue reading In 2013, Learn Data Science via Coursera (a curriculum)