The International School of Engineering is launching 2 new online programs.  Both are certificate programs and last 7 or 8 weeks. Both programs just started this week.

  1. Engineering Big Data with R and Hadoop Ecosystem  This program will cover Hadoop, R, map reduce and NoSQL
  2. Essential Predictive Analytic Techniques: What Every Aspiring Data Scientist Must Know This program aims to teach a student how to “analyze, forecast and predict using data”.

I am not familiar with the International School of Engineering, so I would love some comments about the quality of programs they offer. Thanks.

11 thoughts on “Big Data E-Learning Programs

  1. I am a student at INSOFE for Engineering Big Data with R and Hadoop. I am currently doing this course and so far it has been good. But I will give you a complete review once the course is over.


  2. Dear Ryan,

    International School of Engineering is announcing their 3rd batch of live e-Learning certificate programs starting 4-Sep-2013 in “Engineering Big Data with R and Hadoop Ecosystem” and “Essentials of Applied Predictive Analytics” (

    These programs helped Engineers and Managers transform into Hadoop Developers/Data Scientists, get industry certifications, revolutionize their workspace and establish exciting careers.


    •Taught by experts who are Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins and Stanford University’s alumni with Fortune 50 experience
    •Applied and interactive classes
    •Classes ranked among the top 1% and 5% of all classes in the world in piazza
    •1/3rd the cost of other similar programs
    •95% Success with Cloudera and EMC2

    For details visit

    For any queries mail us at or call us at +91 9502334561/2/3

    Vamsi Krishna Pannala


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