Data Science for the NFL

This video was different than I expected. I expected to hear how the National Football League (NFL) is using player statistics for better player acquisition and fantasy football. However, the talk was about the NFL business model. The business model of the NFL focuses on filling stadiums. Thus the NFL starting collecting data about why fans prefer to watch games at home and what do fans really want from an NFL game. The NFL now generates numerous reports to help each individual team maximize the in-stadium experience.

Here are some of my thoughts on the talk.

  • The NFL maybe needs to invest in a data visualization expert
  • The NFL maybe needs to rethink the business model

Coursera Adds 17 New Universities

Just Announced, Coursera adds 17 new universities. Those universities include Columbia and Brown, as well as a few international universities.

A few notable courses for data science are: a new machine learning course from the University of Washington, Linear Algebra from Brown, and Natural Language Processing by Michael Collins from Columbia.

See the following pages to seed what other courses are now available.

Peter Skomoroch Discusses Data Science

Peter Skomoroch, Principal Data Scientist at LinkedIn, provides a very nice interview. Peter answers some great questions about:

  • What is a data scientist?
  • transitioning from a techy person to a data scientist
  • transitioning from a math person to data scientist
  • what are the skills needed for a data scientist?

Sorry, but I could not embed the video. Here is a link to the video.