Learn Statistics For Data Science

Statistics is an important component of data science. Thus, it would be nice to have some resources available.

Learn Statistics For Free Online

Well, here is a list of free statistics resources available online. All of these are fairly introductory, but I am guessing more advanced topics will be coming from these same organizations.

Not-Free Resources

In addition to the free resources online, there are other options as well.

  • Statistics.com – courses are about $400-$500 but programs lead to certificates
  • Most all local colleges will offer courses in statistics

What other resources are available for learning statistics?

6 thoughts on “Learn Statistics For Data Science”

  1. In the Non-Free resources one of the great online lectures / tutorials that I have come across is the General Statistics course offered by Educator.com. I am personally using it so I find it good. There are two statistics courses – General Statistics and AP statistics. General Statistics is very comprehensive and also include excel usage for stats.


    The course fee is just $10 per month (and you get access to all their courses).. The courses are more structured. Personally I do not prefer Khan Academy coz for a newbie to stats it just solves the stats problem without really teaching the fundamental theory or concepts of stats.

    Other lectures for learning stats are – (around 24 lectures, approx)

    David Mease lecture on stats are specific for Data Mining and it also cover R software. I would say before attending his sessions get your stat skills brushed up. (around 20 lectures, approx)


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