Infographic With Some Data On Pinterest

My favorite part of the infographic is the demographics portion. Notice the gender, age, income, and education of the users.


2 thoughts on “Infographic With Some Data On Pinterest”

  1. Most of the demographics is not surprising. Seems to mirror the online population at large.
    However, the gender distribution is astounding: 4x more female than male! Is this a case of women engaging in a surrogate form of retail therapy – window shopping on the Internet? (Look honey what I brought home today.)

    Also interesting that 4 of 5 pins are re-pins. Most people look at what others pinned instead of doing ‘original’ (re)search.

    Coincidentally, they swapped the labels of the income and education demographics sections.

    1. Funny, I missed the swapped labels. Window shopping on the internet is a good way to put it. I will be interested to see if the male/female demographic ever evens out. Will males find a way to use Pinterest as effectively as females? Thanks for commenting.

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