Big Data and Medicine: Who is working on it?

I previously posted about Data Science and Doctor Visits. What I would like to know.

Who is working on data science problems for medicine?

I would love to hear some answers to this. They can be individual researchers, startups, or established companies. If I get some responses, I will be sure to post a list on the blog.


8 thoughts on “Big Data and Medicine: Who is working on it?”

  1. Depends a bit on what you mean by “medicine” …

    SolveBio appears to take a data science kind of approach to cancer research (

    nuMedii ( uses a data driven approach to find new indications for existing medicines.

    Then there is a host of “genomic medicine” companies that will all have to be proficient at large scale data management and processing, statistics, data mining etc, see my blog post at

    These may not be what people usually regard as “medicine” but I think they are.

    1. Francesco,
      Thanks for the information. I have heard of before, but I am not familiar with Parkinsons Voice. I might call the phone number today and take the survey.


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