OpenIntro (Free online Stats Book) is getting a new version. The updates sound good. If you are looking to learn statistics, this is an excellent and cost effective solution.


We are excited to announce that the Second Edition of OpenIntro Statistics will be released in August! The First Edition will remain available for one more academic year (2012-2013), or longer if there is continued interest. The Second Edition is a further evolution of OpenIntro Statistics and includes the following important changes:

  • New data. Many of the data sets, some just one or two years old, have been swapped out for newer data and studies. We’ve worked hard to ensure that OpenIntro Statistics remains fresh and current.
  • Updated Chapter 1. Data collection is now featured ahead of the summaries and graphics sections. We include a new research study with surprising results to lead off the textbook and engage students. Two new data sets featuring email and census data take the place of the possum and cars data sets that are present in the First Edition. An important new subsection has…

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