205 Million Dollars of Funding For Big Data Startups

It is a great time to be working on a startup in the Big Data arena. First the topics of big data and data science are really popular in the tech world right now. Second, it appears that investors are interested as well. Below are two examples: Accel Partners formed a $100 million fund for … Continue reading 205 Million Dollars of Funding For Big Data Startups

Stanford Machine Learning Class – What is covered

A few days ago, I mentioned that the Stanford Machine Learning class will be starting soon.  I thought I should quickly mention some of the topics covered.  The list also serves as a great outline for machine learning. Supervised Learning In supervised learning, one has a set of data with features and labels. Linear Regression … Continue reading Stanford Machine Learning Class – What is covered

Another Big Data startup launches.


Big data startup Skytree emerged from stealth mode on Thursday with its product that is designed to democratize the science of machine learning, while improving significantly on the speed and scale of existing options. Skytree has raised a $1.5 million Series A investment round from Javelin Venture Partners.

Machine learning is a particularly complex approach to big data, and one that has been largely relegated to only the most-advanced companies, such as financial institutions or large web properties. The technique enables systems to get smarter the more data they ingest, which is particularly useful for tasks such as finding hidden patterns or accurately classifying data without human interaction. The libraries and algorithms are out there for anyone to use if they have good enough skills, but deploying a system that can perform the task on large data sets with reasonable performance is the hard part.

That’s the problem Skytree thinks…

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Heroku Thinks Sharing Data is Important

Last week,  Heroku announced a new feature to its PostgreSQL database service.  The new feature is called Data Clip, and it allows users to share results of an SQL query.  It has options to store the exact data from when the query was originally run or the query can be refreshed to return the current data.  I … Continue reading Heroku Thinks Sharing Data is Important

Another Big Data startup launches.


Hot Mountain View, Calif., startup BloomReach emerged from stealth mode on Wednesday with a message about how its marketing-optimization engine will help ensure that companies get their web pages noticed above the noise online. Using a potent brew of big data techniques presented as a software-as-a-service application, BloomReach says it can significantly improve the amount of traffic on product web pages by making them more relevant to consumers.

The problem right now, BloomReach Co-Founder and CEO Raj De Datta told me, is that companies just cannot know how to best present their product catalogs or other content in a way that best aligns with what customers are looking for. In fact, he said, less than 25 percent of web pages see any traffic from natural search or paid search in any given month. Companies are missing out on large swaths of customers because they can’t display their content in a…

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Don’t Miss – Stanford Machine Learning

In a matter of days, Stanford will begin the second round of the free online machine learning course. I enrolled in the course last fall, and it exceded all expectations. Professor Andrew Ng is great. The prerequisites are minimal, so don't worry if your math is a little rusty. Also, the videos are short (around … Continue reading Don’t Miss – Stanford Machine Learning