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Deep Learning Summer School 2016 Videos

Deep Learning Summer School, Montreal 2016 is aimed at graduate students and industrial engineers and researchers who already have some basic knowledge of machine learning (and possibly but not necessarily of deep learning) and wish to learn more about this rapidly growing field of research. If that is you, there are plenty of videos to help you learn more.

Strata Conference 2014 Keynote Videos

The keynote videos from the 2014 Strata conference are now available on the Strata Youtube Channel.

Here is a thought-provoking video about data science for sports.

SciPy 2013 Videos

The videos from the SciPy 2013 conference are all available online.

See all the videos at the Lanyard SciPy 2013 Conference Directory.

Here are a few of my other favorite videos:

Strata Videos to Watch

Here are a few of the recent Strata videos I would recommend.

Watch the Strata Livestream and Videos

The Livestream is available at the Strata website. Keynotes and interviews will be happening most of the day Thursday.

If you would like to watch some of the videos and keynotes from today, you can view many of them on the Strata Youtube Channel.

Here is a video to get you started. It is an introduction to Gooru, a search engine for learning.

Videos for Learning R

All of the videos from the Computing from Data Analysis Coursera course are available on Youtube. If you are interested in learning R or just need a refresher on some of the topics, these videos could serve as a great resource.

  • Week 1 installing R, data types, reading/writing files
  • Week 2 functions, apply, sapply, other *apply functions
  • Week 3 plotting, simulation, graphics, lattice
  • Week 4 plotting, regular expressions, and date/time

Hadoop World/Strata NYC 2012 Videos

The videos for the Hadoop World/Strata 2012 Conference in New York City are posted on Youtube. Enjoy some video viewing experience. I may be posting some of my favorites in the coming days.

Strata/Hadoop World Videos are Posted

Strata Conference/Hadoop World NYC 2012 videos are now available on Youtube. All the videos are not there, but most of the keynotes and some extra interviews are available.

100 Machine Learning Videos

Here is a list of 100 machine learning videos from VideoLectures.net.

Strata London 2012 Videos

If you were not able to attend the Strata 2012 London conference, have no fear because the Strata 2012 London videos are available online. I believe all of the keynotes and some additional interviews are all available.