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Expand Your Data Science Toolbelt with 3 Predictive Model Tests

The team at Software Advice recently published a slide deck outlining 3 techniques for testing the accuracy of predictive models. The 3 techniques are:

  1. Lift Charts and Decile Tables
  2. Target Shuffling
  3. Bootstrap

Depending upon you situation, goals, and dataset; all 3 are worthy tests. I would say bootstrap is the most common of the 3, but it is always good to have extra tools in your data science toolbelt. If you are unfamiliar with any of the techniques, see the slides below for a quick overview. For a more detailed description, here is a blog post detailing the 3 techniques: 3 Ways to Test the Accuracy of Your Predictive Models.

Why You Should Care About Data Science [slides]

These are some slides from a talk I gave at South Dakota Code Camp. I also could have titled the presentation, “How to Learn Data Science.”

Also, the slides contain lots of links to other resources. Enjoy!

Nice Intro to Data Science Slides

Paco Nathan put together a nice slide deck about Data Science for Enterprise Big Data.
Slide 9 contains a great list of valuable skills for a data scientist. Also, it is worth going through the entire set of slides, since slides 48 and 49 contain a valuable list of tools and algorithms. Enjoy!