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Free Stats book for Computer Scientists

Professor Norm Matloff from the University of California, Davis has published From Algorithms to Z-Scores: Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling in Computer Science which is an open textbook. It approaches statistics from a computer science perspective. Dr. Matloff has been both a professor of statistics and computer science so he is well suited to write such a textbook. This would a good choice of a textbook for a statistics course targeted at primarily computer scientists. It uses the R programming language. The book starts by building the foundations of probability before entering statistics.

Building a Data Science Capability from Booz Allen

Tips for Building a Data Science Capability (PDF) – some excellent tips to help create a data-driven organization

While you are already visiting the Booz Allen website, a few years back they published a great resource title: The Field Guide to Data Science.

Data Mining and Analysis Textbook (Free Download)

Mohammed J. Zaki, Computer Science Professor at RPI, and Wagner Meira Jr., Computer Science Professor at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, have written the textbook Data Mining and Analysis: Fundamental Concepts and Algorithms. The book is currently available as a PDF download.

Based upon the chapters, the book looks very good. It contains large sections on data analysis, clustering, and classification. The final book will be published sometime in 2014.

Top ten algorithms in data mining (2007) [pdf] | Hacker News

Top ten algorithms in data mining (2007) [pdf] | Hacker News.

The discussion below the link is also very good.

If you are curious, here are the 10 algorithms, and the paper is displayed below.

  1. C4.5
  2. k-Means
  3. SVM
  4. Apriori
  5. EM
  6. PageRank
  7. AdaBoost
  8. kNN
  9. Naive Bayes
  10. CART