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Microsoft Weekly Data Science News for February 23, 2018

Today, I am starting a new weekly series where I will share the latest news related to Microsoft Cloud Data Science Products along with the supplied discription. Disclaimer: I did not author any of these posts, but I wanted to share them.

A Couple of Current Data Science Competitions

Decoding Brain Signals

Microsoft has recently announced a machine learning competition platform. As part of the launch, one of the first competitions is the prediction of brain signals. It has $5000 in prizes, and submissions are accepted thru June 30, 2016.

Big Data Viz Challenge

Google and Tableau have teamed up to offer a big data visualization contest. The rules are fairly simple, just create an awesome visualization using at least the GDELT data set. Finalist will receive prizes worth over $5000 and even some will get tours of Tableau and Google facilities. The contest runs thru May 16, 2016.

Microsoft Machine Learning Summit Live Stream

The 2013 Microsoft Research Machine Learning Learning Summit will be broadcast live today.

Microsoft Renews Relevance With Machine Learning Technology – NYTimes.com

Microsoft has been doing machine learning for a long time, and it looks like some of those efforts might soon pay off. How do you think this will work out for Microsoft?

Microsoft Renews Relevance With Machine Learning Technology – NYTimes.com.