In 2012, I decided to start a blog and share some resources for learning data science. This is the result.

On a Personal Note

My real name is Ryan Swanstrom. I am married with 5 children. I live in South Dakota, USA. Currently, I am helping the world learn data science at Microsoft.

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        1. Lucky for you, I attended South Dakota State University, but that might make me a bit biased. I did not attend the MS in data science; I attended the PhD program. I will try to give my honest opinion. I think the program is good. It is a joint program with computer science, so it is more interdisciplinary than most. Many of the industry connections with the school are in the financial industry, so that is something to consider. If you do choose to attend South Dakota State, let me know and I will invite you to some local “data” events.

          Thank you for asking,

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I was searching about data science and came to your website. It is an awesome blog. Thanks for maintaining it!
    I have few queries about data scientists/science. I would be glad if you provide your opinion.

    I have seen that most of the data scientists are PhD holders. Do you believe PhD is must for data scientist?

    I am a new entrant in the field of analytics. I started as a sales person in an analytics firm a year back (I hold bachelors degree in computer science and MBA in IT/Strategy). I love technology, advanced analytics and I believe I should go back and become a data scientist. What do you think? Is it a crazy idea? Will I be shooed away by PhDs ? 🙂

    1. First, thanks for commenting. Strange you should bring this up, I am currently working on a blog post on this topic. You are not the first to ask about getting a PhD. Anyhow, it should be out early next week. To provide a little teaser, no I do not think a PhD is required to do data science.


      1. PhD is mainly for exploration of new field and the main activity should be paper publishing. While I believe data science focus on applying inter-desciplinary knowledge to real problems.

  2. Hi, Ryan.

    I’m pettinorang(nickname) living in Seoul and I’m also learning Data Science to be a Data Scientist. I just started,,,sort of newbie 🙂

    I’m enjoying your posts regarding Data Science and I think your posts are very useful and worth to share. I’d like to translate your post into Korean and have them up on my blog for students or people speaking Korean and preparing to be Data Science.

    I’d like to hear your thought on it and it would be very appreciated for me If I can get your permission.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

  3. Hey hi ! I was wondering if you could blog about the methods of formal education towards being a data scientist. I am an undergraduate Comp Sci student and wish to be a data scientist. I couldnt decide whether to pursue a MS in Business analytics which is a 9 months course offered by many universities or go in for MS in Comp Sci while specializing in data sciences which is a 2 year course. I personally feel the latter is a better option. Please shed some light on this

  4. Hello,
    I recently came across your blog and noticed your interest and immense knowledge in data science.
    I work for Cybera, Alberta’s not-for-profit technical agency that helps the province advance its IT frontiers. I am in charge of our website’s blog, http://www.cybera.ca/news-and-events/tech-radar/, and thought of you as a possible guest blogger.

    Our organization is actually having a summit late September about data science, so finding your blog was very interesting for me. I was thinking perhaps you would be interested in writing a blog post for us about data science (it could even be a re-write of a blog post you already have… or why data science/scientists is awesome and what we can all learn from it/them.. etc). This could help build your audience grow also. Cybera’s Tech Radar blog reaches a variety of audience from the educational and technical community.

    Let me know what you think!


  5. Hi Ryan This is one of the best blogs I’ve seen so far on the subject of data science and its innovation. I’d like to invite you and your community to attend the inaugural NFL hackathon, where attendees can get access to previously closed APIs and datasets.

    I think one of the best applications in which new insights and manipulation of data can be used is to uncover a deeper understanding on athletic performance (like the NBA) and I was wondering if you would be interested in having a custom code for free tickets for your community?

    Let me know 🙂

  6. Hi Ryan

    I have an article that you might be interested in taking a look at regarding the job market that faces budding Data Scientists worldwide. Would you be interested in taking a look at it?

    Great articles by the way, we would love your feedback!

  7. Only simple things work in life & Ryan is making data science simple to understand from his blogs. I like your contents & hard work Ryan sir.

    I want to pursue my career as data scientist for analysing sports & in the field of medicine. Any suggestion will be helpful.

    Thank you for your blogs. We love it so much.


    1. Mustafa,
      Thank you very much. Sports and Medicine are going to be great fields for data science. They already are. The White House is really pushing precision medicine, and funding a lot of research there. Just try to learn all you can about the sport you are interested in, medicine and data science. That is a lot of knowledge, so best of luck.


  8. Hello Dr. Swanstrom,

    My name is Matt Stauner and I’m with the UW-River Falls College of Business & Economics. I’m reaching out to you because we are interested in having our Data Science program added to your list of available programs.

    UW-River Falls, located east of the Twin Cities, is the only school in the University of Wisconsin System to offer this course of study as an in-person, undergraduate degree. The program involves coursework in areas such as machine learning, data visualization, data storage and statistics across the disciplines of computer science and information systems and math.

    For more information on our program, please visit: https://www.uwrf.edu/CBE/Programs/DataScience.cfm

    If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this comment or give us a call at (715)-425-3335.

    Thank you,

    Matt Stauner
    UW-River Falls College of Business & Economics

  9. Hi Ryan, I am surveying all universities (data curriculum) in all countries to predict the global shortfall in data skills (I have starting list of 9,364 universities in 208 countries). Can you take a look at the project and if you would like to help, let your community know the research work is underway… you can read about it, and nominate your uni/faculty at: http://www.cleardq.com/?page_id=321. Also I am looking for collaborators, sponsors and any other community help for this really important project. Thanks. Call me for more info.

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