Is Data Science Your Next Career? via IEEE

IEEE Spectrum’s Techwise Conversations just published an excellent podcast titled Is Data Science Your Next Career?. The author of the podcast interviews Chris Wiggins of Columbia University.

Note: If you don’t enjoy podcasts, the link contains the entire text for reading as well.

Data Science Short Courses from Zipfian Academy

Zipfian Academy, the same company that is creating the 12 week intensive data science training course, will be offering a series of 6 short courses on data science. The courses will be 1.5 hours each and will be taught live in San Francisco. For those of you that cannot be in San Francisco, the courses will be recorded and available online.

The short courses are not free, $35 each or $150 for all, and seating is limited. The seating is limited to allow all students access to the instructors. The first short course starts tomorrow (May 28, 2013), so register now if you are interested. Here are links to all the short courses:

Tornado Path Visualization

Here is a data visualization of the paths of tornadoes in the US over the past 56 years. The brighter the blue, the more intense the tornado. This is also an excellent example of using opendata. The raw data is available at

Please continue to pray for the people in Moore, Oklahoma. If you feel moved to help, The Red Cross and Convoy of Hope are two organizations working in the area.

Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Methods for Hackers Online Book

Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Methods for Hackers is an open source online book. The book is developed with iPython, so it can be read in a variety of formats: web, PDF, or locally with iPython installed.

Also, contributions are welcome via the Github repository for the book (or you can email the authors).

This is the first iPython project I have really looked at, and iPython looks very promising.

Confused on Hadoop? This link will help.

Are you confused on what hadoop is? What about Hbase, Pig Hive? Well, this link will help you out.

Hadoop Toolbox: When to Use What | SmartData Collective.

It provides a nice short explaination for the following terms:

  • Hadoop
  • Hbase
  • Hive
  • Pig
  • Sqoop
  • Oozie
  • Flume/Chukwa
  • Avro

Another Data Science Program in NYC (also online)

Recently, both NYU and Columbia launched academic programs in data science. Well, another school in New York City is entering the mix. The City University of New York (CUNY) is now offering an online masters degree in data analytics. If you would like more information, there will be an online information session on May 22.

Webinar on Data Science, May 14

This looks to be a great webinar! It is today.

Webinar on Data Science, May 14.

Free Book on Big Data

Jason and Jeremy Kolb of Applied Data Labs recently released a new book, Secrets of the Big Data Revolution. As of today, it is free on Amazon. I have just started it, and it is good so far. It is only free for a limited time.

Harvard Data Science

This Spring, Harvard University ran a data science course. Technically, the name of the course was Stat 221 Statistical Computing and Visualization. The course recently finished, and all the course lecture slides are available.

The slides contain a bunch of useful information, plus they show one possible layout for a data science course.

Enigma Launches for Open Public Data

If you are looking for public data, is a new startup just for you. Enigma searches, finds, and connects a variety of formats of public data. The data is then linked and made accessible. Watch the video below for more details.