Coursera Announces College Credit

Yesterday, Coursera announced that students will soon be able to earn college credits for some of the courses. See the blog post with the college credit announcement.

New Project: Data Science 201

In case you missed my slides I posted this weekend, the end of the presentation mentions a new project I am starting to create. It is called Data Science 201. The goal is simple:

To be the best place on the web for learning about all topics in data science

Blogging is great, but there is more data science resources on the internet than I could ever read/evaluate and blog about. That is why I am creating Data Science 201.

Don’t worry, I will keep this blog going.

Why You Should Care About Data Science [slides]

These are some slides from a talk I gave at South Dakota Code Camp. I also could have titled the presentation, “How to Learn Data Science.”

Also, the slides contain lots of links to other resources. Enjoy!

Strata/Hadoop World Videos are Posted

Strata Conference/Hadoop World NYC 2012 videos are now available on Youtube. All the videos are not there, but most of the keynotes and some extra interviews are available.

Why Data Science Is Hard To Teach At School

Cathy O’Neil(on the right) provides some great details about why it is difficult to teach data science in college. She also mentions that some of the best people to lead data science programs are probably not publishing papers. They are working in industry.

Microsoft Renews Relevance With Machine Learning Technology –

Microsoft has been doing machine learning for a long time, and it looks like some of those efforts might soon pay off. How do you think this will work out for Microsoft?

Microsoft Renews Relevance With Machine Learning Technology –

Election Day and Twitter

The Twitter Political Index tries to evaluate people’s feeling about the United States presidential candidates. There is loads of data science behind this calculation. Currently, it has Barack Obama in the lead with a score of 66, and Mitt Romney trailing with a score of 56.

Do you know of any other sites trying to predict the election by analyzing social media behavior?

P.S. If you live in the United States, now that you are done reading this post, please find some time to go vote.

Big Data Right Now: Five Trendy Open Source Technologies | TechCrunch

Open Source Software can be great. TechCruch lists 5 fairly new open source technologies for big data.
This is probably a good list to pay attention to for the near future.

  • Storm
  • Drill
  • R
  • Gremlin
  • SAP Hana

If you are unfamiliar with some of software on the list, please read the article for more details.

Big Data Right Now: Five Trendy Open Source Technologies | TechCrunch.